Veterinary Pet Health Explained by a Professional

Pet health is an incredibly important topic for every pet owner.

Have you ever asked yourself, what you would do if your beloved companion were sick or in pain?

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 Is Your Dog in pain?

Cat and Dog Health Care – What You as a Pet Owner Can Do


Tender loving care is just one part of it, but it is important to feel that you could help your pet if he or she needed it. There is way more you can do to help your pet to stay healthy and to overcome or manage medical problems well.

Find Answers to:

  • Natural pain relief and pain management
  • Expert advice and information on pet health plans through our pet insurance reviews
  • Practical tips on pet, cat or dog health care for your sick dog, cat or other pets at home or in an emergency
  • Holistic vet treatments, such as acupuncture and acupressure
  • Read about pain relievers that are to date used in small animal medicine
  • Find information on broadly available pet medicine, such as Frontline, Drontal and more.

This site can show you:

  • Where you can learn to make your pet feel more comfortable using a few simple massage and acupressure techniques.
  • How animal acupuncture treatment can help to speed up your pet’s recovery successfully, so she can run and bounce around almost like before.
  • Ways to get better pet health insurance, and so help with your vet-bills in the long run.
  • Take our free e-course on choosing pet insurance cover like a pro


Choosing the Best Pet Health Insurance Plan – Sign Up and Get Your free E-Course Today!


Learn exactly what you get for your money. No more sad “surprises” when your pet needs emergency treatments. This free, 5 part e-course will lead you through the most important aspects of a pet health policy:


  • What does pet insurance really pay for?
  • When do you get reimbursed by your Pet Insurance Policy
  • How to claim Discounts?
  • Does your pet qualify? What factors will increase a Premium?
  • What types of veterinary procedures are covered?
  • What is usually not covered (but noone tells you that before something happens.)
  • Wellness Procedures – will pet insurance pay for them?

My name is Dr Ellen Schmidt. I am a veterinarian with a special interest in veterinary acupuncture and alternative veterinary pet and dog health care. I am the owner of Pin Point Veterinary Acupuncture located in the Northeast of Scotland, UK.

I have met hundreds of dog owners and pet lovers whose pets have suffered from a variety of health conditions and diseases.

In many of those cases, recovery was delayed due to compliance problems.

Simply put the animal did not recover as quickly, because it did not like or take the prescribed medication, it was given incorrect exercise, or their owners were simply overwhelmed by the situation and could not carry out the vet’s recommendations.

If you have ever found yourself in that situation, let me invite you to join me here on this website so you can gain more confidence and a better understanding of how to manage common pet health problems.

Feeling confident that you can handle any health problem that might arise for your pet will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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