Veterinary Acupressure Point Locations

Acu points can be found on similar locations as in the human body.

How to Use an Acupressure Chart


Diagrams for animals show acupressure points at anatomically similar locations that are already well known in humans.

Looking at a diagram for the first time might be a little bit confusing: You can find acu points all over the body, on the head, on the back and front and on all extremities.


Differencies between Human and Veterinary Acupressure Point Locations


Human Diagram of Acupressure Points

Acupressure Chart Human Model

Acupressure point locations in humans are described in a special, proportional measurement system.

A unit is called ‘cun’ (tsun) or sometimes ‘body inch’ and measures exactly the same as the width of a thumb.

With the help of this system the exact location of an acu point can be easily determined on any individual body, no matter, if the patient is little or tall, thin or obese.

In fact, the human body is divided into certain proportions. The lower arm from wrist to elbow measures 12 cun and the lower leg between knee and ankle is 16 cun long. The distance between the end of the sternum (xyphoid processus) and the navel is 8 cun.

Because of it’s proportional nature, it remains reliable for every body size. Therefore, acupressure charts need no calibration.



To find on the human body PC6, a point on the pericardium meridian, you can locate it in human patients two cun above the distal volar wrist crease between the tendons of flexor carpi radialis and flexor palmaris longus.

Compare the location of PC6 on the Pericardium Meridian in Canines and Equines here.


Veterinary Acupressure Point Locations

Acupuncture Chart Dog

Finding point locations in animals requires a good knowledge of the specific anatomy of each species.

Points can be found on similar locations as in the human body.

However, not every ‘human’ point exists in animals, because of a significantly different anatomy.

Therefore, you will find that some diagrams of acupressure points define only 76 points in canines and 173 in equines, compared to 366 acu points in the human body.


Tip: Cun in Point Location on Animals

The ‘cun’ system of proportional measurement can not be used in veterinary acupressure and acupuncture.

Instead, veterinary practitioners describe point locations according to body proportions, such as ‘CV-12 is located in equines on the ventral midline mid-way between umbilicus and xyphoid processus’ or a point can be found ‘2 cun caudal of the umbilicus’.

Cun describes here only a distance of a thumb width, not a proportion.




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