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How to remove a Tick with a tick card

How To Remove a Tick From a Cat, Dog or Human

  Ticks are active from Spring to Autumn and walking in long grass or in the woods will trigger ticks to get hold onto your pets and yourself without you noticing it. Only a few days later you will find yourself having to remove a tick from your child, your pet or yourself, because the […]

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Quiz- How Well Do You Know Your Pet ?

Take the Quiz below 馃檪   [vqzb quiz_id=1]

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Dog Ear Infection Time – Can Homeopathy Help?

When the weather is turning warmer outside, dog ear infections are getting common again. 聽Even if you are carefully looking after your dog’s ears, it can struck him sometimes in a lighter form, sometimes quite severely. Your vet will take a sample of the auricular excretion to determine, if your pet suffers from a bacterial […]

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pet first aid stretcher

Pet First Aid Month – April

Pet First Aid Awareness Month – April 2012 Pet first aid is something you probably tried to push away from you – which is natural. Who wants to think about what could happen and what best you should do then in such a situation? However, by blocking this important matter out of your mind, you […]

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13 helpful app sfor taking care of your pets

Helpful Pet Care Apps for iPhone and Android

Have a Pet, have a Smartphone have an App!   Nowadays there are so many android and iphone apps available – millions! They all are somehow making life 聽easier, more convenient and some even help you to get better organized and have information readily there when you need it. Pet owners can now compile pet […]

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Xylitol Danger For Dogs

Xylitol Danger for Dogs – Which Oral Hygiene Products Are Safe to Use ?   Regular teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent plaque and tartar built-up on your dog’s teeth. Usually you would take a specially toothbrush and toothpaste made for canines and wean him preferably to a daily routine. You may have […]

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Cat pain relief

Cat Pain Relief – What Painkiller Can You Give Your Cat

Cats Pain Relief 聽–聽Cat Parents Getting More Conscious About Feline Pain And Anxiety   Pain relief for cats has been a long neglected area in veterinary research. Pet owners are more than ever conscious about feline pain and anxiety as more and more good information is made available online for anyone who is interested. The […]

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