How to Buy Pet Medication

Tips on how to buy pet medication other than from your veterinary practice. Online pet pharmacies offer significantly lower priced pet drugs - what to watch out for.

How To Buy Pet Medication, And Where ?

Many pet owners ask how to buy pet medication other than from their veterinary practice. Online pet pharmacies offer significantly lower priced pet drugs that can be purchased through a few simple clicks on secure webpage check out facilities. There are only a few things you need to know.

 At Your Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary practices stock and sell pet medicine and your pet will get usually immediately the required medicine in an appropriate form of application at the required doseage with concise instructions for you. This is actually the best place to get pet medicine for your companion animal, but it can also be very pricey.

There are cheaper solutions available online, especially, if a pet is in need of a long-term treatment and not insured or not any more covered for a chronic condition by the existing pet insurance policy.


How To Buy Pet Medication Online

Online pharmacies have become very popular, because it is made very convenient to compare prices and buy. Often you can get drugs for your pet a lot cheaper.

In order to buy prescription drugs you will be asked to fax or e-mail a prescription form signed and stamped by your veterinarian to the online pet pharmacy. They usually let you download a form, which you can hand into your vet practice. Prescriptions for this class of pet drugs are required by law.

If your pet requires long term medication you could ask your vet about repeat prescriptions. Your vet can state on the prescription how many times you can repeatedly order medication for your pet. This could save you the charge for repeatedly written prescription forms.

Your veterinarian can also not deny to give you prescriptions, but the practice may charge a small fee for filling out and signing the form.

For pet medication that can be purchased over the counter, such as some wroming drugs, flea repellent or ear cleaner, you won’t need a prescription. They are freely available.


Buy medication from brands that are known to work well. Otherwise you may find that you wasted your money on literally ineffective treatments and tablets that won´t resolve a problem satisfyingly.



Supermarkets and shopping malls started quite a while ago to sell some pet medication. you will find usually “natural” anti parasitic products that promise less side effects and retail for much less. This might seem to be attractive at first glance and many people report about good results.

As said above already, many of those products seem not to work very effectively and especially in cases where a flea or worm infestation has gone out of control, it is a waste of time and your money.

If this is the case you are better off to see your vet, as you will get a proper diagnose together with appropriate treatment.


Pet Shops and Farm supplies

These are actually quite great places to buy stuff and they do sell usually all well-known over-the-counter drugs.




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