Cat Illnesses: Symptoms You May Detect If You Look Closer

Cat Illness Symptoms
Can you see the symptoms? Sick Cat—pmarkham (

The appearance of cat illness symptoms is often delayed and you might easily overlook or not even be aware of the fact that your cat developed an illness and is not feeling well any more.

There are a few pointers you need to watch for when examining your cat from head to tail, but the most important is to do a regular check on your kitty and to learn how to examine your pet systematically.

This is something you will need to learn step-by-step and I recommend to read Dr Shelby Neely’s very detailed tutorial on how to detect cat illness symptoms at home.

Please, always remember:

While the medications that are needed to treat a sick cat are often the exact same medications that we take, some human medications or even old-fashioned cat remedies are very dangerous. You can kill your precious feline friend if you give your cat any medication without the direction of your veterinarian!  Dr Shelby Neely

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3 responses to “Cat Illnesses: Symptoms You May Detect If You Look Closer”

  1. Nice post. However, it is not so easy to spot the pet early illness. Need a carefully attention and treatment to prevent severe problems. Keep sharing!

  2. Hi
    I think it is harder to spot early illnesses in cats rather than dogs with dogs you are with them most of the time so you notice anything different pretty much straight away. With cats though as most of them spend a lot if time outside the home subtle differences are definatelty harder to spot .

    Great post thanks lee

  3. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to tell when an animal is sick because they don’t make it obvious. I have a few cats myself that are getting along in years, I need to monitor their health more. Thanks for the help!

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