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  • What Can You Do If Your Dog Eats Poop ?

    Eating of feces or coprophagia, is a common behavior for dogs, but also for other species. Dogs eat their own feces or that of other canines and other animal species. How can you stop your dog eating poop?

  • Dog Ear Infection Time – Can Homeopathy Help?

    When the weather is turning warmer outside, dog ear infections are getting common again. ¬†Even if you are carefully looking after your dog’s ears, it can struck him sometimes in a lighter form, sometimes quite severely. Your vet will take a sample of the auricular excretion to determine, if your pet suffers from a bacterial […]

  • Xylitol Danger For Dogs

    Xylitol Danger for Dogs – Which Oral Hygiene Products Are Safe to Use ?   Regular teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent plaque and tartar built-up on your dog’s teeth. Usually you would take a specially toothbrush and toothpaste made for canines and wean him preferably to a daily routine. You may have […]