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Why Microchipping Your Pet Is A Good Idea

If your pet isn’t micro-chipped and registered yet, you should consider doing this. There are many benefits, e.g.:In case your pet ran away it is quickly identified and can be reunited with you, its insertion is fast and an almost painless procedure, if you want to travel with your pet abroad, it is required that your pet has got a permanent ID.

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Obese dog, Obese canine from New Orleans

Dementia in Overweight Pets?

Fact is pets are becoming overweight and struggle with weight related diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular conditions, asthma, neoplasia, cancer, allergies etc.
Now, veterinary researchers suggest that obesity in pets caused by our own life style, may be the cause of dementia in dogs and cats.

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Dolphin 3of3

What If The Human Brain Would Work Like The Dolphin’s Brain

Dolphins have got the ability to switch off half of their brain, according to marine researchers. This way they stay awake for days, so they are able to swim to the surface and breathe and are constantly aware of their surroundings.

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Tylenol, Acetaminophen

Tylenol – A Painkiller That Can Harm Dogs and Cats

Why is using Tylenol or another acetaminophen/ paracetamol containing painkiller for dogs and cats not a good idea? What are the side effects, can it be fatal and what to use instead? This article discusses some of these questions.

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Pet halloween costume, Spider Angus

Pets in Costumes Could Become a Fire Hazard

Halloween is only a few days away and pets in themed costumes look cute and sweet. Therefore, every year there are more and more cats and dogs wearing pet Halloween costumes, taking part as a little surprise guest on Halloween parties. Unfortunately, our pets can also cause fire by accident, especially, when there are stoves […]

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The Cat and Curiosity – Another Outcome

Cats are curious, but also usually very cautious. Injuries in cats are far less occurring than in dogs, but it still happens….

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How to remove a Tick with a tick card

How To Remove a Tick From a Cat, Dog or Human

  Ticks are active from Spring to Autumn and walking in long grass or in the woods will trigger ticks to get hold onto your pets and yourself without you noticing it. Only a few days later you will find yourself having to remove a tick from your child, your pet or yourself, because the […]

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Quiz- How Well Do You Know Your Pet ?

Take the Quiz below 🙂   [vqzb quiz_id=1]

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pet first aid stretcher

Pet First Aid Month – April

Pet First Aid Awareness Month – April 2012 Pet first aid is something you probably tried to push away from you – which is natural. Who wants to think about what could happen and what best you should do then in such a situation? However, by blocking this important matter out of your mind, you […]

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13 helpful app sfor taking care of your pets

Helpful Pet Care Apps for iPhone and Android

Have a Pet, have a Smartphone have an App!   Nowadays there are so many android and iphone apps available – millions! They all are somehow making life  easier, more convenient and some even help you to get better organized and have information readily there when you need it. Pet owners can now compile pet […]

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