How To Remove a Tick From a Cat, Dog or Human


Ticks are active from Spring to Autumn and walking in long grass or in the woods will trigger ticks to get hold onto your pets and yourself without you noticing it. Only a few days later you will find yourself having to remove a tick from your child, your pet or yourself, because the spot the tick has been latching on got irritated and itchy or the hugely engrossed and blood filled body of a tick got now clearly visible in the fur of your cat or dog.

The life cycle of a tick expands over four different sections: egg, larva, nymph and adult. See this video about the tick’s life cycle:


How Can You Remove A Tick Safely?


In order to avoid leaving the mouth part of the tick accidentally back in the skin you should use a special tick remover. This small device fixates a tick’s head without squeezing the huge counterpart, allowing you to pull the whole tick out of the skin without breaking the head/ mouth part off.


 Types of Tick Removers

There are four types of tick removers for dogs and cats available:


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