Quiz- How Well Do You Know Your Pet ?

Take the Quiz below 🙂


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9 responses to “Quiz- How Well Do You Know Your Pet ?”

  1. Very good ideas and suggestion for the Halloween costume for pets. I liked it very much. and also want to buy costumes for my pet. So could you please tell me the procedure how to buy them.

  2. Great tips for people with pets around Halloween. Too bad these pets have no say since they are so uncomfortable and unsafe in those costumes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great fun! Mine was 100% Good pet info….will return and have a good read. Using Bach Remedies and I do give my little one a massage…that he loves. It calms him down as he’s very ill at present…Cancer. Lost a stone in a week…worrying.

    • I am so sorry for him! Massage and acupressure can help a lot for pain relief, have also a look here for pet acupressure. Hope he will have still a good quality of life. Tell us more about him!

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