Suspected Cat Arthritis

Feline arthritis in its early stage is very often overlooked. Cats are able to “hide” discomfort and pain, so only after a certain time, when the condition is becoming worse and signs obvious to you, you might let her examine by your veterinarian.

Cat arthritis, Boo\'s X-Ray 2

Cat arthritis, Boo\’s X-Ray 2—James Quinn (


Make sure to observe unregularities in your pet, because you could help your feline friend earlier, if you got aware earlier of arthritis symptoms in your cat.





Advice about suspected cat arthritis

Hi, I recently had to say goodbye to 1 of my 2 cats (Tickle). Her brother, Spanky, is still with us, but he’s looking old. He’s 15, but he is looking older. I’ve noticed that he can sometimes take quite a while to get his behind onto the floor when sitting down. He sort of hovers, then eventually gets his bum on the floor after about 1 or 2 minutes.

I suspect it may be some sort of joint condition, maybe arthritis. During his checkup the vet said that there was nothing obviously wrong apart from old age. (I didn’t think 15 is particularly old for a cat but i could be wrong).

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on anything I can do to make him more comfortable, or improve his health, be it via diet or other means?

The owner of “Spanky” notices signs that are already quite obvious, but let their cat examine by their vet. This is the best you can do in a similar situation with your own pet, because there could be more severe underlying medical conditions present and in need of further diagnostic investigation.

Cats may even suffer for a long time before you can observe signs of pain, but luckily many pet owners are very sensible if something is not right with their cat.

Cats that suffer from an arthritic condition like “Spanky” does,  may well take advantage from acupuncture treatments that can be integrated into a conventional treatment plan.


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