Why Microchipping Your Pet Is A Good Idea

If your pet isn’t micro-chipped and registered yet, you should consider doing this. There are many benefits, such as:

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  • In case your pet ran away it is quickly identified and can be reunited with you.
  • Its insertion is fast and an almost painless procedure.
  • If you want to travel with your pet abroad, it is required that your pet has got a permanent ID.
  • Insertion is quite cheap.


One cave at: After your pet has been chipped, do not forget to register online  with the web service specified in your home country!

Watch how a microchip is implanted and how it works here as an example for the US service “HomeAgain”


Nowadays, technology has made things a little easier. Microchip implants, for example, have made identifying a lost pet as simple as waving a wand over a pet’s back. Information on the microchip gives an animal shelter or veterinarian access to the owner’s contact information. With that, a reunion can be little more than a phone call away.

Once the chip is inserted, an animal is registered into the computer system and is then usually listed on a website such as 24 Pet Watch. It is then recognizable nearly anywhere there is a microchip scanner — even internationally.

In addition to microchips, GPS collars are available for purchase on the Internet and in some pet stores.


GPS collars can be connected to your smartphone, GPS device or in-car navigation and in case your pet got stray from home all you need to do is driving around the area. Unfortunately, reaching distance is usually only up to 1 mile and batteries won’t live forever, also, pets may lose them. (See here for GPS pet collars in the UK)

If you would like to travel with your pet abroad, identification via microchip is nowadays the norm. The microchip number is registered within the pet passport which is required for instance in Europe under the PET Travel Scheme.

Micro chipping is done by veterinarians and through micro-chipping clinics set up through organizations, like the DogTrust (UK) or the Humane Society (US).

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